Working Models

Hourly and fixed-fee model

Below are the different services in this model:-

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • CIS
  • Auto Enrollment
  • Pension Setup
  • Filling to CH and HMRC
  • Self-Assessment
  • Criminal fraud investigation
  • Insolvency accounts

Predefined budget model in terms of hours

In this model, you quote an hourly budget for every job and then we analyze it to see how much time will it require to complete.

Dedicated Accountant model (Full Time/FT Model)

We provide you with a dedicated accountant on a fixed salary who works in our premises.  Below are some of the benefits you get in this model: –

  • You get a fix dedicated employee
  • The employee works from Monday to Friday
  • You get daily work and timesheet reports of 8 hours each day
  • You can hire any number of accountants as per your requirements
  • You get quality work
  • You save cost and time