Our Methodologies

Method 1


Quality work with Systematic approach

With a systematic and step by step process, you can get most out of outsourcing your work to us and take your practice to next level. The better you understand and follow the process the more easily and convenient it gets for you to utilize our strength to obtain the maximum possible results. Take a look on the below “PROCESS STEPS” starting from left to right in chronologically to understand how exactly it works-

Method 2


In this method, the exchange of data and information happens through the email channel only. When you upload a job, you simply compose an email, highlights the name of the job as subject i.e. xyz ltd-YE 30.12.2020 or abc ltd-VAT QE 30.08.2020 etc. and then you mention all the relevant points in the email itself. You can describe if there is anything in the job which needs special attention or treatment, you can mention the deadline and the desired budget of the job.
Generally, this method most suited when the data size is not too large otherwise it always go along with the use of any cloud storage services like Dropbox, One drive etc. wherein you can upload the job on a shared folder on preferred cloud app and intimate us through email channel.

Method 3

Remote desktop/VPN

In this method, you provide us the access to one your in-house computer through your company’s VPN or through any third party remote application like Team Viewer, Anydesk, Log me In etc.
The accountants at our end use the provided credentials to access to the remote PC and performs his/her assigned tasks.
This method is equally secured just as the above two methods are but yes, the efficiency depends upon the internet speed at both ends in all of the methods described till now.

Method 4

Online Software Procedure

If you use any kind of online software for bookkeeping, final accounts, payroll and tax i.e. Quickbooks and Xero then this is the procedure you would want to follow.
You either provide your access credentials to us to login to your accounting software or you create/buy a separate access for us and then our team access the software online to perform the routine work.
This method is highly popular and efficient since it is always easy to work in online mode now a days.
The email channel in this method is just used to inform the other side about the development in the job or if there are any queries then they would exchange through the emails only.

Method 5

Desktop/Offline software

If you use any offline/desktop accounting software like VT+, Sage50 etc. and if you have more than one users on your license then you can provide the license details and login credentials to us and we can simply download the software at our end to perform all the desired accounting activities for you.
The best part of this method is that it is not dependent on the internet to perform the core activities however one would always need the internet to queries, back up of the completed files and to share the path of job if the completed jobs are stored on cloud storage like Dropbox , One drive etc.

Method 6

Using Team Collaboration apps and software

There is one more way to exchange the information/data, share ideas, suggestions and to collaborate in real time with the use of Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp Group etc. and many more other unexplored apps.
You can create communication channels or group on the above apps and collaborate with us in real time. These apps give you an extra edge since they allow to have video conferences, you can add other supportive applications to these main apps to perform various other tasks.